Seven Love Languages of the Holy Spirit

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The fullness of joy is found in knowing that God is love! (I John 4:8) One way God the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of believers, produces His fruit of love in us is via the gifts He gives us. According to Romans Chapter 12, He gives each one of us a part of Himself in the way of a spiritual gift. You are going to be challenged to see that when you are operating in your gift, you are speaking His love language! This book will help you understand your main gift, and also help you become more intimately acquainted with the Giver. In order to help you determine your gift, the author reveals the characteristics of each of the seven gifts and also helps you see how people can misunderstand you when you are operating in your special gifting. Understanding these different love languages will help you extend grace in every relationship. It will help you with your own identity and purpose. If you are married, discovering your gift and your spouse’s gift can help you enjoy better communication! The goal is to flow together in your giftings so others can see more of Jesus. In addition, helping your children discover their spiritual gift when they are young and calling it to life just could be one of the greatest ways you could love and bless them.
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Ron and Sherry are called of God and anointed to minister healing to broken marriages and broken hearts. Since the beginning of their marriage over 50 years ago, Jesus Christ has been the center of their relationship.